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A Journey to Sustainable Happiness

At the heart of the LG Experience Happiness program lies a unique partnership between experts in social emotional learning, education and the science of happiness. LG’s Experience Happiness partners provide science-backed and curriculum-approved resources to help teachers and students practice the sustainable happiness skills for life long social and emotional wellbeing.


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Our Goal

Over five years, LG and its partners will deliver Sustainable Happiness skills to 5.5 million youth and help the next generation recognize that happiness is achievable and Life’s Good.

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The Problem

More than half of American teens are stressed, and many don’t know how to handle it.

The Solution

Happiness is associated with positive health effects including the ability to better cope with stress.

The Science

Over 70 years of research has revealed that happiness skills can be learned, taught, and practiced, and that Sustainable Happiness is achievable.

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Happiness Skills

Learn and practice the six sustainable happiness skills yourself, and share with the teen in your life.

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How to Support Stressed Out Teachers

by LG Happiness Project | September 17, 2020

Teachers are the unsung heroes of the new normal of education. During the pandemic, they’ve had to pivot without much notice, adapt their learning practices, and be there for their struggling students. So how can we support them given everything they’re doing? Take a …
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Questions To Ask Yourself to Discover Your Purpose

Randy Taran

Some people are lucky enough to find their calling at a young age but for many, it is a process that can take months or years. You can have multiple purposes at the same time and your purpose can change throughout your life. Like …
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Mindfulness Habits You Can Practice Everyday

By Allen Wei

Many people spend their lives constantly on the go, without taking the time to appreciate what’s right in front of them. Mindfulness practices can allow us to slow down and experience more happiness, joy, and meaning in our lives. However, it does not come …
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Incorporating Gratitude into a Daily Routine


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Latest News

Latest News

Experience Happiness Program Reaches 4 Million Milestone

Latest News

Amplifying Happiness Through Emotional Learning Corporate Social Responsibility Programs


LG Electronics’ Experience Happiness and Discovery Education Score PR Daily Corporate Social Responsibility Award

by LG Happiness Project | August 13, 2020