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A Journey to Sustainable Happiness

At the heart of the LG Experience Happiness program lies a unique partnership between experts in social emotional learning, education and the science of happiness. LG’s Experience Happiness partners provide science-backed and curriculum-approved resources to help teachers and students practice the sustainable happiness skills for life long social and emotional wellbeing.


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Our Goal

Over five years, LG and its partners will deliver Sustainable Happiness skills to 5.5 million youth and help the next generation recognize that happiness is achievable and Life’s Good.

LG's Commitment

The Problem

More than half of American teens are stressed, and many don’t know how to handle it.

The Solution

Happiness is associated with positive health effects including the ability to better cope with stress.

The Science

Over 70 years of research has revealed that happiness skills can be learned, taught, and practiced, and that Sustainable Happiness is achievable.

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Happiness Skills

Learn and practice the six sustainable happiness skills yourself, and share with the teen in your life.

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Dancing and Sustainable Happiness Go Hand in Hand

By Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D.

  Across studies, research suggests that the special combination of hearing reasonably loud, well-liked music, coordinating our bodies to move with the rhythm of the music, and synchronizing our music-infused movements with other people in close proximity—otherwise known as a dance party—uniquely benefits health …
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Gratitude: The Secret to Happiness

By Margaret Paul

How often do you take the time to truly be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have? Think about the things in your life right now that you can be grateful for. Our health, our five senses, having …
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Kindness is Strength

By Mia King

Mia King, founder of the wellness blog www.wellbeingwithmia.com, offers insight into the power of kindness and the necessity of opening yourself up to kindness from within yourself and from others. For Mia, a positive outlook begins with the inner self. She suggests practicing positive …
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